Why Do I Need a Consultation?

Med spas offer solutions designed to address aesthetic concerns and treatments to help us revitalize your appearance. With the many options and technologies available today, making a treatment decision can be overwhelming. Keep reading to answer that question, “why do I need a consultation?”

To help make your decision easier, a consultation with the team at Elite Medi Spa is a great place to start discovering what’s best for you. 

Why schedule a consultation?

A med spa consultation is all about you. This one-on-one time is a helpful tool that allows us to learn more about you, your skincare concerns, and your goals. It allows us to bring clarity to treatment options and create a unique plan best suited for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. 

Whether you’re considering a specific treatment or want to explore numerous options, a consultation is a great place to start. 

How much does a consultation cost?

At Elite Medi Spa, all of our consultations are complimentary.

Who conducts the consultation?

We have an amazing team of professionals who work together to help our clients achieve their desired goals. The Elite Medi Spa team consists of a medical doctor, a board-certified adult nurse practitioner, and advanced aestheticians. 

Pamela Mondorf, MD, and Kimberly Canaday, NP, expertly administer dermal fillers and injectables like Botox, Dysport, plasma treatments and PDO threads. Our advanced aestheticians perform laser and radiofrequency treatments, microneedling services, medical-grade facials, and chemical peels. 

Depending on your goals, we can schedule your consultation with the provider who will best help you begin your journey.

What should I expect during my consultation? 

We will start by asking questions about your lifestyle, skincare routine, and medical history. We will learn about previous treatments you may have had, if those helped or what you did or didn’t like about them. It’s also a very effective time to learn about your skincare routine, aesthetic concerns, goals, and budget. 

Once we know more about you and your goals, we’ll discuss treatments best suited for you. You’ll learn how the treatments work and what to expect during treatment and aftercare. 

Throughout the process, we won’t push you to spend more than you want or recommend services that will give you an “overdone” appearance. Our relationships with clients are built on trust, providing you with a high level of care from every treatment. We want to provide services that are in perfect harmony with your goals and desired results. 

How should I prepare for my consultation?

Prior to your consultation, think about the problems or concerns you have regarding your skin and develop a list of questions to ask. This is a time to talk about you. 

Think about your goals. Are they to minimize lines, firm sagging skin, or increase skin’s elasticity? Or perhaps to simply rejuvenate your skin for a beautiful, youthful glow. The consultation is your time to outline your wishes, ask questions and let us help you make educated decisions about treatment options. 

Can I receive my treatment immediately following my consultation?

There are cases when you can have a treatment immediately following your consultation, particularly for some of our injection services. Other treatments may be booked on the same day as your consultation as well. If you prefer same day treatment; it is best to let us know when scheduling your consultation

If you already have a treatment option in mind, or if you haven’t yet decided, book a consultation so that you can ask questions and have them answered by one of our experienced professionals in Bend. An educated start is a great start!