Reveal a Luminous, Even-toned Complexion

One of the newest skin treatments celebrities love is the Hollywood Facial. They schedule them on a regular basis for skin rejuvenation and maintenance, as well as a boost before special events.

Exactly what is a Hollywood Facial?

The Hollywood Facial is a 60-minute advanced therapy that combines the application of a carbon mask followed by a Q-switched laser treatment. The carbon mask provides essential vitamins and antioxidants while it detoxifies and mildly exfoliates your skin. The Q-Switched laser is then glided above the carbon mask.

The laser treats problematic pigmentation, which is broken into fragments that your body will absorb.

This reveals a more even-toned and luminous quality to your skin.

The laser also heats underlying tissues to plump the skin and activate collagen remodeling. The treatment culminates with a medical-grade facial, giving you the ‘no make-up’ confidence we all desire.

What are the benefits of a Hollywood Facial?

Clinical studies have shown this treatment an effective solution to:

  • Intensely moisturize and condition dehydrated skin
  • Stimulate collagen remodeling to soften lines and rejuvenate skin
  • Repair sun-damaged skin
  • Improve the appearance of rough texture
  • Clear congested skin and improve breakouts

Is the treatment painful?

Most clients report no pain at all. A light application of numbing cream is applied to make the treatment comfortable. You may feel some warmth or mild tingling as the laser moves across your skin.

What can I expect after a Hollywood Facial?

After the treatment, you can return to your normal activities. There’s no downtime needed. The Hollywood Facial is gentle enough to have a treatment every month if you desire.

In fact, it seems to work best when several treatments are done over time. Each treatment stimulates your body to create new collagen—the building blocks of youthful skin.

Is the Hollywood Facial safe for all skin types?

Yes, this treatment is great for all skin types. Call today to book your Hollywood Facial if you’re ready for glowing, radiant skin and improved self-confidence in baring your natural skin.