Begin Your Healthy Skin Journey

Good skin starts with proper maintenance. If you’ve been ignoring your skin, our medical-grade facial treatments are a great place to start for nourished, healthy skin.

Our array of medical-grade treatments including custom facials, Hydrafacial and peels work in harmony with our other aesthetic services to improve the health of your skin and also enhance treatment results. Whether you’re concerned with premature aging, puffiness, dull or dry skin, acne, or environmental aging, we can tailor a treatment just for you.


This invigorating facial treatment restores skin’s vibrant tone and texture immediately while addressing your specific skin concerns.

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Hydrojelly Masks

We offer a variety of these masks to best suit your skin concerns, including anti-aging, moisturizing, soothing, hydrating, exfoliating and inflammation.

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VI Peel

A VI Peel provides all of the traditional benefits of a chemical peel, minus the uncomfortable healing process.

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ZO Enzymatic Peel

The ZO Enzymatic Peel revitalizes dull-looking skin through gentle skin surface renewal. This gentle peel gives your skin a softer, brighter appearance.

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Dermaplaning is a method of manual exfoliation that gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells and facial hair, revealing a smoother complexion and an even, healthy glow.

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Facial Waxing

Our experienced, advanced aestheticians can quickly remove unwanted hair from your lip, chin, eyebrows, or your entire face.

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Skincare Products

Elite Medi Spa is proud to offer subtle cosmetic enhancements and products that accentuate your natural beauty. Less makeup, more glow.

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