Lip Flip

Treats: A Thin Upper Lip or "Disappearing Lip"

Youthful-looking lips can transform our entire face and change how we feel about our appearance. As we age, our lips tend to thin, giving us a tired, older look. If you desire a subtle enhancement to your lips without adding volume with dermal filler, you might consider a quick lip flip treatment.

In the same way that botulinum toxin improves the area around our eyes, a few microinjections near your mouth result in a more youthful appearance by creating an upward “flip” of the upper lip.

It does this by exposing your vermilion (the red portion of your lip) more, giving you a fuller, more shapely lip. There is no actual volume added as the effects of botulinum toxin create a soft, visual illusion of subtle enlargement.

Results may be noticed in as little as three to four days, with full results in about a week.