Harness the Rejuvenating Power of Your Own Body

Obtain healthy, more youthful skin by harnessing your body’s healing and regenerative properties derived from components of your own blood.

What Is the PRP Facial Treatment Like?

A topical numbing is applied to your face. Blood is drawn from your arm by our expert staff and then centrifuged to isolate growth factors.

This serum of growth factors is then microneedled into your skin, encouraging penetration deep into the tissue.

Growth factors then go to work repairing the skin for a more tight, smooth and glowing complexion.

Who can get a PRP Facial?

Anyone who wants a natural solution for aging skin is a candidate for a PRP Facial.

Because the treatment is derived from components of your own blood, there is minimal risk of reaction.

PRP Facial is perfect for younger clients who want to get a head start on rejuvenating their skin with a solution that looks natural.