Reaching My Aesthetic Goals

Where to begin?

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What treatment should I do?” Each client has specific goals for improving their skin and their appearance. For some, achieving healthy skin is their top priority. For others, it might be to reduce the signs of aging. Fortunately, with each skin concern, there are often numerous ways to achieve your goals.

We love working with each individual client to establish a plan that takes into account not only your aesthetic goals but also your lifestyle and budget. Our philosophy is one of forming relationships with you based on knowledge, experience, and trust.

Whether you are looking for no downtime treatments or something a little more aggressive, forming a clear understanding of your desired results will help us chart a treatment and skin care plan for you. We take great pride in offering only treatments that we feel produce great results.

From treatments for facial wrinkles, acne scarring, and lip enhancement to pigmentation issues or rough texture, we have solutions to address exactly what your skin needs. Following are overviews of some of our top treatments.

Let’s begin with Hydrafacials. For those desiring clean and healthy skin, a Hydrafacial is a great treatment. This will give you a chance to visit with one of our talented aestheticians and have your skin evaluated. Together, you can discuss what bothers you most about your skin or appearance.

Hydrafacials are much more than a typical facial. They’re a customized treatment designed to deeply cleanse your face, extract impurities with patented vortex technology, and exfoliate and boost your skin’s health with medical-grade serums. Your skin will feel extremely clean and smooth.

Not only are Hydrafacials a great place to start for new clients, but our long-time clients schedule Hydrafacials on an ongoing basis to maintain the health of their skin.

IPL or Photofacial

IPL is a go-to treatment for a more even complexion and one that looks younger. It’s a great treatment for those who haven’t practiced a strong at-home skincare regimen and are seeing uneven skin pigmentation and overall skin aging.

Brown spots are a common skin concern. They usually appear in areas exposed to the sun, like your face, arms, hands, and shoulders. They can also be caused by hormonal imbalances and frequently appear on aging skin.

IPL uses a light-based therapy to accurately target pigmented skin cells. The goal of an IPL treatment is to give your skin a clearer and more even, youthful look. An added benefit of an IPL treatment is that it dramatically boosts your body’s collagen production.


We all get them – fine lines and wrinkles. They can detract from your appearance, making you look older than you actually are.

Wrinkles appear as a result of repeated facial movements over time like knitting your eyebrows, or lifting them, squinting and smiling. These wrinkles typically appear as frown lines between your brows, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and smile lines.

Simple injections with Botox, Jeuveau, or similar neurotoxins gently relax the muscles, allowing your wrinkles to smooth out. These injections target tissues just under the surface of the skin and are most frequently used for treating lines around the eyes, forehead, and lips. Treatments are typically repeated every three to six months to help you maintain results.

Our expert injectors can distinguish the reasons for your wrinkles and help devise the most effective treatment plan for you.

Dermal Fillers

If you feel your appearance is somewhat deflated or hollow, dermal filler can help restore a more youthful appearance. As we age, we lose volume that once created youthful contours to our face including lips, cheeks and under the eyes. We also begin to show age in our lower face, compounded with lax skin. Dermal fillers can help shape your face, enhancing features like your chin and strengthening the appearance of your jawline.

Our most popular dermal fillers include Juvederm, Restylane, and the RHA Collection. We also offer Sculptra. In addition to restoring volume, Sculptra stimulates collagen production. This bio-restorative filler works gradually over time to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking result.


This treatment offers several skin benefits, from a glowing complexion to diminishing fine lines and acne scarring. It’s also a great way to boost collagen and elastin – the building blocks for more firm and flexible skin.

Our SkinPen microneedling treatment is performed with a mechanized handpiece containing tiny needles that penetrate the epidermis to initiate skin rejuvenation. Microneedling benefits include:

  • Increased luminosity
  • Improved skin texture
  • Diminished appearance of pores
  • Improved skin health

Many clients opt for a package of treatments spaced one month apart.

Energy-Based Treatments

Treatments using laser or radiofrequency target the deep layers of your skin to boost collagen production and provide skin rejuvenation. PiXel8-RF, YAG, and Venus Viva are three such treatments that address:

  • Skin tightening
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Skin texture

These non-invasive treatments, meaning there are no incisions or surgery, require minimal downtime as compared to more invasive treatments. Skin integrity and health vary from client to client. While a YAG treatment might be best for one client, a PiXel8-RF may be better suited for another client. Your aesthetician can visit with you about your particular skin concerns and recommend the best treatment option for you.

The Elite Media Spa advanced team is ready to help you determine how to reach your skincare goals. You can always call to schedule a free consultation to visit with an Elite team member. We love helping you make informed decisions about your treatments. A healthy-looking you is a happy you.

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