Making an Impact with Saving Grace

At Elite Medi Spa, we’re committed to giving back and investing in our community. During our anniversary week, we’re donating a portion of our sales to Saving Grace to help further their services and support those most vulnerable in our community. This amazing organization provides resources and support to victims of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and intimate partner stalking.

We recently visited with Trish, the Assistant Executive Director of Saving Grace, to learn more about the inspiration behind the organization, the resources they provide, and how they impact our community.

The Inspiration Behind Saving Grace

In the mid-to-late-70s, there was rapid growth in the awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault. With this awareness came the desire to do something about the problem, and that’s where Saving Grace was born. 

In 1977, the Deschutes County community came together to create a safe space for victims of violence and sexual assault. Saving Grace is run entirely by a team of volunteers who strive to serve and engage Central Oregon to support survivors. Saving Grace has grown over the years, but the team behind the scenes continues to serve on a volunteer basis. 

At Saving Grace, they understand that violence happens to people regardless of gender, age, race, socioeconomic status, or any other factor, and they open their doors to all. 

How Saving Grace Serves Our Community

The cornerstone of Saving Grace is availability—no matter the hour, if you or a loved one is experiencing domestic violence or assault, there is a trained team at Saving Grace ready to help. Their resources and services include:

  • 24-hour helpline: this line will direct you to the team at Saving Grace, who is trained to help with crisis intervention, safety planning, community resources, referrals, and the opportunity to meet with someone in-person. 
  • Emergency shelter services: Saving Graces partners with shelters across the tri-care county area, including Deschutes, Cook, and Jefferson counties
  • Extended shelter services: the Saving Grace team helps survivors find long-term living situations, from days to months, and provides long-term support and help to find employment and additional community resources.
  • Legal advocacy: the Saving Grace team helps survivors navigate any civil or criminal matters that continue post-separation, including paperwork for restraining orders, connecting survivors to safe shelter, counseling, and other basic needs. 
  • Prevention: Saving Grace is always striving to increase awareness and provide education about intimate partner violence and sexual abuse, including the signs that someone may be experiencing these situations.

In Their Own Words

EMS: What is one word that comes to mind when you think of Saving Grace?

Trish: “Hope” is the word that comes to mind. I say that because many people think of domestic violence and sexual assault as tragic, and while it is a terrible situation, Saving Grace helps people find hope in the hopeless and come through it with support and strength. We strive to bring hope to the hopeless.

EMS: What is something you wish more people knew about Saving Grace?

Trish: We want our community to know that Saving Grace isn’t just a women’s and children’s shelter—we serve people of all genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and religions—all are welcome here. 

EMS: How can our community get involved and support Saving Grace and survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault?

Trish: There are several ways to connect with Saving Grace—we are always happy to welcome new volunteers and provide 40-hour training for everyone who wants to help. We also partner with local businesses and organizations to work on projects to support survivors. 

As a 501c3 nonprofit, we’re constantly fundraising! If someone wants to have a fundraiser that supports Saving Grace, we love to get connected and appreciate any amount of support for this cause. 

There is also the option to get involved through sponsorships and partnerships throughout the year. 

EMS: How has being a part of Saving Grace impacted your life?

Trish: The most impactful thing for me is when a survivor comes to us broken in so many ways, leaving a dangerous situation, and they get their life back. Many of these survivors go on to work with Saving Grace as volunteers and counselors to continue the work of helping abuse victims become survivors. I love the empowerment Saving Grace provides for the clients we serve and our community.

Join Elite Medi Spa and Saving Grace to Serve Our Community

Wow! Saving Grace’s impact on the lives of abuse and assault survivors is truly amazing. We’re so proud to support this amazing organization through our anniversary efforts.

Visit to learn more about their services, connect, or discover their impact throughout Central Oregon.